7 California Towns People Are Fleeing As Soon As Possible


California is renowned for its bright weather, rich cultural diversity, and robust economy. But in the Golden State, not everything is as it seems. Certain municipalities are dealing with severe problems like high rates of crime, pollution, natural disasters, and problems with affordability. Numerous locals have been forced to leave their homes in search of better opportunities abroad due to these circumstances. These seven Californian towns are experiencing a mass exodus.

1. San Francisco

San Francisco is among the most recognizable and well-liked cities in the world, but it’s also among the priciest and most congested. San Francisco has an astounding $1.4 million for the median property price and more than $3,000 for the average monthly rent. In addition, there is petty crime, drug abuse, and homelessness in the city. The high expense of living, the scarcity of parking, and the declining standard of living have been a source of frustration for many locals. Forty percent of San Franciscans who were surveyed recently said they would consider moving out of the city in the next few years.

2. Los Angeles

Millions of tourists and celebrities visit Los Angeles, another renowned and glitzy city, each year. But there’s a darker side to Los Angeles than just gloss and beauty. The city has extreme smog, air pollution, and traffic congestion. Los Angeles is the most polluted city in the US, with an average commute time of 29 minutes. Natural catastrophes including earthquakes, wildfires, and mudslides are also common in Los Angeles. In recent years, the city has experienced an increase in violent crime, homelessness, and civil upheaval. Many residents of Los Angeles are searching for more tranquil and reasonably priced housing.

3. Bakersfield

Southern Central Valley city of Bakersfield is well-known for its agricultural and oil sectors. However, the city is also known for being hazardous, unclean, and dull. With a 10.5% unemployment rate, Bakersfield has one of the highest rates in the state. Because of the absence of wind and pollution from the oil fields, the city has one of the worst air quality ratings in the nation. Bakersfield is well known for having a high crime rate, particularly when it comes to stealing and other property offenses. In terms of culture, entertainment, and variety, the city is lacking. Many locals are moving away from Bakersfield in search of more alluring and lucrative prospects elsewhere.

4. Stockton

Situated on the banks of the San Joaquin River, Stockton is a city in the northern region of the Central Valley. The city is home to a diverse population and a rich history, but it also faces numerous challenges. One of the hardest-hit communities during the housing crisis in 2008 was Stockton, which in 2012 filed for bankruptcy, making it the largest city in the United States. The city has had difficulty bouncing back from its financial difficulties, and it continues to have high rates of debt, unemployment, and poverty. Another well-known characteristic of Stockton is its high crime rate, particularly for serious offenses like assault and homicide. For a number of years, the city has been listed as one of the most hazardous in the nation.

5. Fresno

The fifth-biggest city in the state and the largest in the Central Valley is Fresno. The city serves as a significant center for health services, education, and agriculture. However, the city is not without its difficulties and shortcomings. At $49,800, Fresno’s median household income is among the lowest in the state. With a poverty rate of 26.8%, the city also has one of the highest in the country. Extreme heat, a lack of water, and poor air quality are all problems in Fresno. The city has a high crime rate, particularly in relation to property crimes like vandalism and auto theft. The city gets a low livability score due to its lack of cultural and recreational amenities.

6. Modesto

In the center of the wine country is the city of Modesto, which is located in the northern Central Valley. The city is well-known for its dairy, grapes, and almonds, among other agricultural goods. However, the city also has a great deal of problems and drawbacks. With a 9.2% unemployment rate, Modesto has one of the highest rates in the state. 19.6% of adults in the city have a bachelor’s degree or above, making it one of the least educated places in the nation. The crime rate in Modesto is high, particularly for serious crimes like robbery and rape. The city has a poor standard of living and is among the poorest cities in the US to call home.

7. Barstow

Tucked away along historic Route 66 in the Mojave Desert is the little city of Barstow. The Mojave National Preserve, Joshua Tree, and Death Valley are just a few of the attractions that can be reached from the city. However, the city itself is losing a lot and has little to offer. With a poverty rate of 35.2%, Barstow is one of the highest in the state. At $106,600, the city also has one of the lowest median property values in the nation. Barstow is beset by bad weather, loneliness, and deterioration. The crime rate in the city is high, particularly when it comes to property offenses like burglaries and arson. The future of the city seems dismal, and many citizens are moving away to pursue better opportunities abroad.


California is a stunning, multifaceted state with many benefits and opportunities. However, not every town is made equal, and some are dealing with significant issues. Many individuals are escaping these seven communities as quickly as possible because they are among the worst locations in California to live. You may wish to investigate outside of these towns if you’re searching for a new place to call home.

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