7 ‘Secret Spots’ Burglars Check First When Invading Georgia Homes


You may want to reconsider your belief if you believe your assets are secure in your house. Being astute as they are, burglars are aware of places to hide valuables such as jewelry, cash, documents, and other objects you wish to keep private. As a matter of fact, when burglars break into your home, they usually explore some of the locations you believe to be clever hiding areas first. These are seven that security professionals have identified.

1. Under the Mattress

Even though this is arguably the most overused hiding place of them all, lots of people still utilize it. Unfortunately, thieves are aware of this as well and will turn your mattress over as soon as they get into your bedroom. It’s likely that whatever priceless you have hidden beneath your mattress will disappear in an instant.

2. In the Freezer

Some believe it’s a good idea to conceal cash or other valuables in the freezer as thieves won’t bother to check there. This is untrue, though. In addition, a lot of burglars search for drugs or pharmaceuticals, and they are aware that some people keep them fresh in the freezer. Therefore, don’t be shocked if your ice cream melts and your freezer is broken into.

3. In a Vase

Although a vase may appear to be an innocent and ornamental item, it can also be a tempting target for criminals. Some people believe that no one will notice if they conceal their jewels, cash, or keys within a vase. But this won’t fool burglars; instead, they will crush or shake your vase to examine what’s inside. Choose a better hiding place if you don’t want your vase or valuables lost.

4. In a Suitcase

If you travel frequently, a suitcase may appear like a handy and portable way to keep your possessions. This is not a good idea either, as thieves are aware that suitcases frequently contain electronics, documents, passports, and other stuff they may either use or sell. Without hesitation, they will unlock your suitcase, cut it open, and grab whatever they find.

5. In the Liquor Cabinet

You may believe that your home’s liquor cabinet is a secure location to conceal your valuables since thieves will be more drawn to the alcohol than anything else. That isn’t the case, though. In addition, a lot of burglars are searching for cash or gift cards because they know that some individuals conceal them in boxes or bottles of alcohol. They’ll take anything they find and won’t think twice about breaking or opening your bottles.

6. In the Office or Desk Drawers

Because it’s closed or hidden from view, you might believe that your home office or desk is a safe place to keep your belongings. This is a mistake, though, as burglars are aware that desks and offices frequently include valuables like credit cards, checks, and crucial documents that they can either use or sell. They won’t think twice to smash or force open your drawers and steal whatever they can.

7. In the Medicine Cabinet

You could believe that your bathroom medicine cabinet is a secure location to conceal your valuables because thieves won’t be interested in your medical supplies. This is incorrect as well, since thieves are aware that medical cabinets frequently contain prescription pharmaceuticals, analgesics, and other drugs they can either consume themselves or resell. They’ll take anything they find when they open or empty your medication cabinet.


As you can see, it’s not a good idea to conceal your valuables in these seven locations because criminals are familiar with them and will check them first when breaking into your house. You should have a good safe, a hidden safe, or a diversion safe that mimics a typical home item if you want to safeguard your belongings. A security system, a camera, or an alarm should be installed in your house, and you should always lock your windows and doors. Recall that prevention is preferable to treatment and that it is better to be safe than sorry.

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