A Small Florida Town is Suddenly the 4th Most Dangerous in State


The 35,000-person city of Riviera Beach has made headlines lately for being among Florida’s most hazardous communities. Based on current data, Riviera Beach is currently the fourth most dangerous city in the state, with a violent crime rate that is higher than many major cities. Both locals and government representatives are concerned about this change in the rankings, which has brought attention to the difficulties this formerly sleepy community is facing.

The Alarming Statistics

According to recent data, Riviera Beach has one of the highest crime rates in America among all towns, with 39 crimes committed for per 1,000 residents. Riviera Beach has a 1 in 111 risk of becoming a victim of violent crime, which is far higher than the national average. The murder rate, which is seven times higher than the national average and presents a bleak image of safety in the city, is especially alarming.

What Are the Most Common Types of Crime in Riviera Beach

Riviera Beach sees the following categories of crime most frequently:

Violent Crimes: There are a lot of violent crimes committed in Riviera Beach, including rape, murder, robbery, and serious assault. The city’s overall crime rate is greatly impacted by these violent crimes.

Property Crimes: Theft, motor vehicle theft, arson, and burglary are among the many property crimes that are common in Riviera Beach. Within the city, there is a significant chance that residents will become victims of property crimes.

Auto Thefts: With a noteworthy number of occurrences reported each year, auto thefts are a serious worry in Riviera Beach. This kind of crime endangers the safety and property of the victims as well as raising the general crime rate.

Murders: The city has seen a startlingly high number of homicides, with a murder rate that is far greater than the national average. The overall crime figures for Riviera Beach include a substantial contribution from this kind of violent crime.

Rapes: According to reports, rapes are another frequent form of crime in Riviera Beach, contributing to the high crime rate in the area. Improving community safety requires addressing and preventing sexual assaults.

What is the Crime Rate in Riviera Beach Compared to Other Cities in Florida

When compared to other Florida communities, Riviera Beach has a noticeably higher crime rate. The crime rate in Riviera Beach is 2.1 times greater than the national average, with a crime index of 532 in 2020.

With regard to violent crimes in particular, Riviera Beach’s rate in 2020 was 697.0, well above the 228.3 national average. Furthermore, Riviera Beach’s property crime rate has continuously outperformed the national average throughout the years, suggesting a high incidence of criminal activity in the community.

When looking at both violent and property crimes combined, Riviera Beach has one of the highest crime rates in the United States when compared to other Florida cities. In comparison to many other Florida municipalities, where over 96% have lower crime rates than Riviera Beach, the likelihood of falling victim to violent or property crime in Riviera Beach is one in 26.


In conclusion, it is alarming that Riviera Beach has risen to the fourth rank of Florida’s most dangerous cities so quickly. This little town is being closely watched because violent crimes—especially murders—are so common. The safety and well-being of Riviera Beach’s citizens depend on efforts to address and reduce crime, as both residents and authorities struggle with these concerning numbers.It is clear from these recent events and alarming data that Riviera Beach will have a difficult time reducing crime and raising its general safety rating. In order to address these problems and strive toward a better future for this little Florida town, vigilance and community initiatives are essential.

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