A Small Illinois Town is Suddenly the 3rd Most Dangerous in State


Illinois is a diversified state in terms of its people, cultures, and economies. It is the location of the picturesque Shawnee National Forest, the vibrant metropolis of Chicago, and Springfield, the historic capitol. It is ranked 19th among the most hazardous states in the US, but it also has a high crime rate.

Even though Chicago and Aurora are two well-known crime hotspots, a little town has just unexpectedly become a strong contender for the title of most hazardous location in Illinois. That town is called Metropolis, and it’s in the southernmost point of the state. It has 6,000 or so residents.

What makes Metropolis so dangerous?

The most well-known connection between Metropolis and Superman is the fictional superhero, who is rumored to reside and work in the same-named city. The town hosts an annual celebration honoring Superman’s legacy, a gigantic statue of him, and a museum devoted to him. But beneath this comic book exterior is a violent and criminal world.

Metropolis, with a violent crime rate of 1,543 per 100,000 population, was placed third among Illinois’ most dangerous cities in 2023, according to the most recent FBI crime statistics. This is over four times higher than the 366 per 100,000 national average. In Metropolis, there were 4 murders, 13 rapes, 54 robberies, and 22 aggravated assaults recorded last year out of 269 property offenses and 93 violent crimes.

The area’s high rates of drug abuse and trafficking are among the primary causes of this crime wave. Metropolis is a handy center for drug traffickers and smugglers because it is located close to the Kentucky and Tennessee borders.

The community has also been severely affected by the opioid crisis, with many citizens developing heroin and prescription drug addictions. The drug crisis has raised the risk of overdoses and fatalities as well as driven other crimes including theft, burglary, and domestic violence.

How are the residents and authorities coping?

As their once-calm town is taken over by crime and turmoil, the citizens of Metropolis are living in terror and frustration. Numerous people have voiced their displeasure with the local government, accusing them of being untrustworthy, inept, or uncaring. Some have even resorted to taking matters into their own hands by arming themselves for protection or organizing vigilante organizations.

But instead of bringing an end to the cycle of mistrust and vengeance, these measures have simply heightened the tension and violence inside the community. On the other side, the authorities assert that despite numerous obstacles and constraints, they are making every effort to address the crime issue. With just eighteen officers on duty, the Metropolis Police Department is frequently overrun and outgunned by the criminal population.

It is also challenging for the agency to carry out efficient investigations and arrests because to a lack of proper tools, training, and resources. The state and federal governments have been asked for more money and support, but the police chief has not gotten much of either.


A high number of violent and property crimes has made the little Illinois hamlet of Metropolis the third most dangerous city in the state overnight. The town’s widespread drug addiction and trafficking are major causes of crime, and they have also had an impact on the general well-being and quality of life of the locals.

While they confront several barriers and difficulties, the locals and authorities are finding it difficult to handle the situation. To restore order and safety, the community must work together and play a part in the immediate and comprehensive action required by the higher levels of government. If not, Metropolis might soon stop being the home of Superman and start housing supervillains instead.

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