A Survey Ranked the “Most Loathed Highways” in America, and 3 of Them Were in California


Drivers slugging it out to the very end of merge lanes, honking horns, and brake lights are all things that Californians are used to.

People who reside in the Golden State are accustomed to experiencing traffic jams. This could be the reason why, according to a recent survey, three freeways in California rank among the “most loathed highways in America.”

In October 2023, car dealer Gunther Volvo Cars Daytona Beach polled 3,000 drivers nationwide. Based on the responses, the survey determined the top 100 routes that people detest driving on.

As it happens, the Golden State is home to the nation’s top three most hated roadways, per this survey. A summary of those rankings is provided below:

Interstate 405 in California is ranked No. 3 among “most loathed.”

One of the most congested roads in the nation is the I-405, commonly known as “the San Diego Freeway,” especially in the Los Angeles region. This is particularly valid on days when people travel for holidays.

The I-405 “carves its path through the heart of Los Angeles, earning notoriety as a symbol of gridlock nightmare,” according to the car dealer. When motorists consider the “L.A. commute,” they often envision gridlock and difficulties.

California Interstate 5: Ranked No. 2 “most loathed”

This freeway connects San Diego to Oregon and stretches the entire length of the state of California. Numerous ongoing construction projects and the feared “rush hour” are two things that contribute to the desirability of this highway.

The car dealer claimed that the L.A. stretch “epitomizes commuter frustration” and that it is the most difficult for drivers to navigate. “A standing misnomer, with traffic bottlenecking notoriously near juggernaut junctions like the East LA and 110 interchanges,” was how this area was defined.

California U.S. Route 101: Ranked No. 1 “most loathed”

Drivers must shudder at the notion of navigating California’s 101 freeway, let alone taking the top place. This highway is frequently jam-packed with traffic, which makes getting around it difficult and slow.

This is particularly valid for crowded places like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The car dealer stated, “During high-density travel times, the traffic pace can decelerate to speeds slower than an average person’s walking pace.”

You may view the complete list of the “most loathed highways in America” here, which is based on the results of this study.

When driving in California, fasten your seatbelt and stay focused because you can be on the road for a lengthy.

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