Analysis Ranks 2 Ohio Cities Among the Nation’s Least-safe


Cleveland and Cincinnati, both in Ohio, were listed as two of the least safe cities in the US in a recent review conducted by Scholaroo, a website that assists college students find scholarships. A hundred-point rating system was used to assess measures including the number of police officers, murder rate, robberies, assaults, and shootings in order to analyze crime and safety indicators per capita. The cities were then ranked using the scores.

Cleveland and Cincinnati s Rankings

Cincinnati is ranked 147th, and Cleveland is placed 142nd out of 150 cities. These rankings make sense considering the city’s recent problems with crime and violence. It is anticipated that Cleveland will approach its forty-year-old record of 195 homicides in a single year. Cincinnati came in last for both the highest rate of residential burglaries and theft and larceny, and both cities were in the bottom five for the highest rates of robbery.

What Measures Are Being Taken to Improve Safety in Cleveland and Cincinnati

Cleveland and Cincinnati have taken a number of steps to enhance safety in their respective cities in order to solve the issue. Cleveland has teamed up with Downtown Cleveland Inc. to increase funding for the city’s safety ambassador initiative.

Citizens with security and de-escalation training, known as “safety ambassadors,” monitor particular routes and talk to locals, employees, and business owners about safety issues. With their walkie-talkies, first aid pack, and cellphone in hand, they are prepared to call for help from police, firefighters, or emergency medical technicians at the first indication of trouble.

They work as hospitality representatives as well, enjoying interacting with customers and offering help with directions, restaurant suggestions, stopping aggressive panhandling, and seeing and reporting any suspicious conduct.

The Clean & Safe Ambassadors of Downtown Cleveland Inc. patrol the whole Downtown area and can help with everything from directions to flat tires, auto lockouts, safety escorts, mental wellness response, and reporting trash and graffiti incidents.

Cleveland has also put in place safety measures pertaining to the infrastructure of transportation. The city is upgrading its transportation network through projects and programs to make the city’s streets, sidewalks, and public rights-of-way safer for everyone who uses them. Additionally, Cleveland is improving the safety of over 100 train crossings in 15 Ohio counties, including Lorain, Summit, and Medina.

Cincinnati has also implemented safety-enhancing measures. In order to increase safety for everyone using the city’s streets, sidewalks, and public rights-of-way, the Department of Transportation and Engineering has put plans and projects into place to update the transportation infrastructure.

In conclusion, several initiatives have been put in place by Cincinnati and Cleveland to raise public safety in their respective cities. Rail crossing safety renovations, safety ambassador programs, and improvements to transportation infrastructure are some of these approaches. The goal of these initiatives is to improve city safety for all citizens, employees, and tourists.


Scholaroo’s recent report emphasizes how urgent it is for Cincinnati and Cleveland to deal with their crime and safety problems. Even if the rankings might not be encouraging, they provide the cities a chance to consider their problems and seek solutions. Cleveland and Cincinnati may work to raise the standard of living and safety for all citizens by enacting new laws, tackling income disparity, and allocating funds for community resources.

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