Arizona Is Crawling With Bed Bugs, 3 Cities Among Most Infested


Although they are a prevalent problem in many areas, bed bugs appear to have a particular fondness for Arizona. In a recent report, the pest management company Orkin listed three cities in Arizona in the top 50 most plagued with bed bugs nationwide. The 11th, 33rd, and 49th worst cities for bed bugs, respectively, are Phoenix, Tucson, and Prescott.

What are bed bugs and how do they spread?

Little, flat, reddish-brown bed bugs feast on the blood of animals and people as they slumber. Depending on their life stage and feeding situation, they can vary in size from the size of a pinhead to an apple seed. Although bed bugs are not known to spread illness, their bites can result in allergic reactions, swelling, and itching.

By stowing away on clothing, luggage, furniture, bedding, and other personal belongings, bed bugs can spread from one location to another. They are also able to pass through gaps and fractures in ceilings, floors, and walls. Bed bugs can detect the presence of a possible host from a distance of several feet, and they are drawn to blood, warmth, and carbon dioxide.

Why are bed bugs so prevalent in Arizona?

The high rate of bed bug infestations in Arizona could be caused by a number of causes. One is the year-round warmth and dryness of the climate, which facilitates bed insect survival and reproduction. The large volume of travel and tourism is another factor that raises the possibility of bringing in and dispersing bed bugs from other places. The public’s and the hospitality industry’s lack of awareness and education is a third issue that could contribute to delayed bed bug discovery and inefficient treatment.

How can bed bug infestations be prevented and controlled?

Avoiding getting bed bugs into your house in the first place is the best defense against infestations. Examining rental vehicles, motels, and other locations where bed bugs might hide before moving in can help achieve this. Upon returning from a trip, it’s also a good idea to wash and dry personal goods on high heat and to store them in sealed plastic bags. It’s critical to move swiftly and seek assistance from a reputable pest control business if bed bugs are found or suspected. Home cures or over-the-counter medications are not recommended for treating bed bugs because they are not likely to work and may even make the situation worse.


Like many other places in the nation and the world, Arizona is experiencing a significant increase in the problem of bed bugs. They are a product of environmental variables and human activities rather than a symptom of poor hygiene or cleanliness. For both individuals and organizations, bed bugs can result in financial losses as well as emotional and physical suffering. Consequently, it’s critical to be watchful and proactive in stopping and managing bed bug infestations, as well as to seek professional assistance when necessary. By doing this, we can keep these undesirable pests away from our communities, families, and ourselves.

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