ATM Robbery Foiled: Three Arrested, One Suspect Still on The Loose!


In a bold attempt to rob an ATM, three individuals—Leo Bernard Smith Jr., Christopher Parish, and London Beaudoin—were recently apprehended in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The trio, now facing serious felony charges including burglary, theft, destruction of property, and conspiracy, was caught following a dramatic police chase.

The incident unfolded when a UniWyo Federal Credit Union ATM alarm went off, alerting authorities to the crime. Upon arrival, officers discovered a severely damaged ATM with missing cash boxes. A stolen Ford F-250 truck, used in the heist and equipped with a large chain, was found abandoned nearby.

ATM Robbery Foiled: Three Arrested, One Suspect Still on the Loose

The situation escalated when a Nissan Murano, with four suspects aboard, attempted to flee the scene, instigating a high-speed pursuit. In a desperate bid to escape, cash boxes were hurled from the speeding vehicle, and amidst the chaos, one suspect managed to evade capture.

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The chase culminated when the Nissan hit a curb, rendering it inoperable. A tense standoff ensued, leading to the use of a stun gun to subdue and arrest the driver, Parish. Smith and Beaudoin, the remaining passengers, were also detained.

Despite extensive efforts, including deploying a K-9 unit, the fourth suspect remains at large, with the investigation ongoing. This audacious attempted theft serves as a stark reminder of the lengths to which criminals will go and the vigilance required to maintain public safety​

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