Coolest Underground Attractions in California


California is home to intriguing subterranean wonders that are just waiting to be discovered, in addition to its well-known beaches and mountains. The Golden State is home to a multitude of underground attractions full of intrigue and adventure, from secret caverns to ancient tunnels. Let’s examine some of the most fascinating underground treasures in California that are unquestionably worth adding to your list of places you simply must see.

Forestiere Underground Gardens

One of California’s most amazing hidden treasures is the Forestiere Underground Gardens, which is tucked away in Fresno. This vast 10-acre underground refuge, created over 40 years by Sicilian immigrant Baldassare Forestiere, captivates tourists with its complicated network of tunnels, chambers, and bright skylights. Surrounded by century-old fruit trees and lush foliage, you’ll be fully immersed in the visionary genius and rich history of this secret oasis as you stroll through guided tours.

Subway Cave and Lava Tubes

Lassen National Forest’s Subway Cave and Lava Tubes are a must-see for adventure seekers and admirers of nature. The quarter-mile-long Subway Cave, formed by ancient volcanic activity, welcomes exploration through its cool, dimly lighted corridors, while the smaller but more difficult Lava Tubes provide an exciting adventure for those prepared. Discover the geological wonders of California’s history as you explore these fascinating underground formations, which are all available for exploration by intrepid travelers.

Old Sacramento Underground Tours

Experience the fascinating past of California by going on one of the Sacramento History Museum’s Old Sacramento Underground Tours. Explore the old foundations of Old Sacramento and discover 19th-century relics by going beneath the busy streets. Explore this underground time capsule and become engrossed in intriguing stories about the early residents of the city. This is a great adventure for history buffs of all ages. Organize your immersive experience to discover the untold tales of Sacramento’s colorful past between April and December.

Marfa Prada

A startling sight awaits you in the desolate surroundings of Marfa: the Marfa Prada. This installation by artists Elmgreen and Dragset is a provocative reflection on consumerism and fashion, and it serves as a reproduction of the famous luxury store. Even if the store is still closed, it is nonetheless an enthralling sculpture filled with real Prada merchandise that invites visitors to reflect on its meaning in the middle of the wide desert. Discover this famous work of art whenever you like, without cost, and get a peek of modern culture in an unusual place.

Zombie Joe s Underground Theatre

Discover the thrill of cutting-edge theater at North Hollywood’s Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre. A unique and audacious evening of horror and comedic performances awaits you, all in a small-scale setting that puts you right in the thick of things. These live performances defy conventional wisdom and create a lasting impression on audiences, so they’re not for the faint of heart. Get your tickets for the weekend shows now to take part in a unique subterranean theater experience.


Discover a new side of California’s charm with its variety of underground attractions, each providing a distinctive look into the hidden gems of the state. These underground wonders, which will leave you with treasured memories for years to come, will undoubtedly enrich your California vacation, whether you’re contemplating art amidst the desert at Marfa Prada or exploring the lush depths of Forestiere Underground Gardens.

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