Crime Severity Rises in Florida for the Fourth Year in a Row. 


Florida, a state renowned for its bright beaches and dynamic culture, is struggling with an alarming trend: an increase in the seriousness of crimes. In terms of elder fraud, the state has been in the top spot for at least four years running, according to a recently made public FBI report. Let’s examine the specifics and consider the ramifications of this alarming trend.

Elder Fraud: A Growing Concern

Fraudulent schemes have disproportionately affected Florida’s senior population. People over 60 who fell victim to scams lost around $300 million in 2023 alone. Vulnerable people are the prey of these crimes, which frequently target them through internet or phone connection. When victims fall for the scammers’ promises of lottery victories, sweepstakes awards, or other windfalls, they lose a significant amount of money.

The Tactics

Lottery scams and romance scams are two common types of frauds. Romance scammers use emotional blackmail to manipulate victims into thinking they are in a real relationship. Once the victims’ trust has been gained, the con artists trick them into sending money. On the other hand, lottery scammers demand upfront payment from their victims in exchange for big cash rewards. These strategies deprive the elderly of their money by taking advantage of them.

Underreporting and Stigma

Regretfully, a lot of victims are reluctant to disclose these offenses. Seniors who are embarrassed, fearful of their family’s opinion, or worried about their mental health frequently refrain from asking for assistance. According to experts, only about 25% of frauds are really reported. Because victim ages are known in just approximately half of the FBI’s reports, the full scope of the issue may not even be fully captured by their statistics.

The Broader Context

Elder fraud is not the only serious crime that occurs in Florida. Concern has also been expressed about trends in violent crime. Similar patterns may be seen in the Justice Department’s crime victimization survey, even though FBI data indicates an overall increase in property crime from 2021 to 2022. These changes could be caused by variables like inflation and auto theft.


In light of the increasing severity of crimes in Florida, it is imperative to increase public awareness, promote reporting, and offer victim support. Targeted support programs, law enforcement initiatives, and community education can all aid in the fight against these crimes. Together, let’s safeguard the elderly and make sure that everyone in Florida has a safer future.

Recall that our greatest defenses against fraud and criminality are awareness and attentiveness. Report any suspected fraudulent activity to the authorities right away. If we work together, we can change things.

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