Delaware is Home to an Abandoned Town Most People Don’t Know About


Delaware is a tiny state with a vibrant past and present. However, did you know that there’s also a secret ghost town there that very few people have ever been to?

The Story of Fort Delaware

Situated in the center of the Delaware River on Pea Patch Island, Fort Delaware was formerly a military stronghold. In order to defend the ports of Wilmington and Philadelphia against foreign attacks, it was constructed in 1815. It was used as a prison by Confederate soldiers and political detainees during the Civil War. In addition, it served as an immigration detention center and training ground.

Following World War II, the fort was abandoned in 1944, and in 1951 it was turned into a state park. However, until a ferry service was introduced in 1992, the island was inaccessible to the general public. The fort and its environs, which include a wildlife sanctuary, a nature walk, and a museum, are open for exploration by guests today.

The Mystery of the Ghost Town

However, Pea Patch Island is not only about the fort. The family of the soldiers and laborers who lived and worked at the fort formerly resided in a deserted town on the island’s northern tip. At its height, Delaware City had over 300 residents and included a general shop, hotel, post office, school, and church.

When the fort was no longer in use in the 1920s, the town was abandoned. The site was reclaimed by nature after the buildings were allowed to crumble. The town’s remnants are still concealed in the woods, having never been destroyed. Fewer individuals have actually seen the ghost town than are aware that it even exists.

The Future of the Island

A remarkable location that provides a window into the past is Pea Patch Island. Many bird species, particularly egrets and herons, which nest on the island, value it as a habitat. The Delaware Division of Parks and Recreation looks after the island, protecting its natural and historical values.

But the island also has to deal with issues like climate change, vandalism, and erosion. Predators and exotic plants pose a threat to the animals, and the town and fort both require upkeep and rehabilitation. For the island to survive and be conserved, additional money and support from the general public and the government are required.


There is an abandoned village in Delaware that most people are unaware of. It is a little-known treasure that provides insight into the history and culture of the state. In addition, it is a stunning and varied location that is home to a wide range of species. Pea Patch Island is a gem that more people ought to discover and enjoy.

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