Here Are The Most Dangerous Cities In Florida To Call Home


Florida is a well-liked travel destination for both inhabitants and tourists because of its lovely beaches and pleasant climate. But hazardous cities exist beneath the surface of this bright state, giving rise to a less than ideal reality.

With an emphasis on Fort Myers, we will examine the most recent data and rankings to determine which Florida communities are the most dangerous, giving us a greater understanding of the dangers of relocating to or residing in these regions.

Fort Myers, Florida: A City of Concern

The population of Fort Myers, a city in Lee County, is estimated at 88,000. Fort Myers boasts lovely beaches and a quaint downtown area, but it also has a high crime rate. Based on both violent and property crime rates, Niche gives Fort Myers a C for crime and safety.

The violent crime figures for the city, which include 389.5 assaults, 10 murders, and 43.2 rapes per 100,000 persons, have an impact on this grade. With 213.5 burglaries, 1,503.7 thefts, and 162.6 motor vehicle thefts per 100,000 residents yearly, property crime numbers are extremely troubling. Fort Myers is one of the most hazardous cities in Florida based on these crime figures.

A City at Risk: Fort Myers Natural Disaster Threats

Fort Myers faces not only high rates of crime but also frequent natural disasters. Fort Myers is ranked as the second most dangerous city in the United States for heat, wind, fire, and flood hazards in a risk analysis assessment by

According to the report, 42% of roads and more than 35% of residential dwellings are at risk of flooding, and the proportion of properties at risk of flooding is predicted to increase by 33%. Additionally, throughout the next 30 years, it is predicted that the highest wind speeds during large storms would increase by 16 miles per hour, which may cause a Category 2 hurricane to become a Category 3 storm.

What Measures Are Being Taken to Improve Safety in Fort Myers

Numerous steps are being done in a number of areas, including public safety, workplaces, and memory care facilities, to increase safety in Fort Myers.

Memory Care homes: To protect the security and well-being of their residents who suffer from memory problems, memory care homes in Fort Myers are placing a high priority on safety elements. These elements include emergency call systems, well-designed layouts and circulation, safe outdoor places, regulated access points for secure entrances and exits, and wander management systems. Furthermore, emphasis is being placed on fire safety measures, such as providing sufficient fire prevention and suppression systems, conducting frequent fire drills, and providing workers with emergency evacuation training.

Workplace Safety: Fort Myers employers are making provisions for fall protection, safe and well-maintained equipment, appropriate supervision, and training in order to guarantee a safe working environment. This is especially crucial in sectors like manufacturing, healthcare, and construction where workplace safety hazards are higher than anticipated.

Public Safety: The goal of the City of Fort Myers is to uphold everyone’s right to be safe from unlawful attacks and to feel secure in their belongings. This involves working to improve public safety through a range of programs and initiatives, including partnerships with law enforcement agencies to address safety and crime issues, community participation, and crime prevention measures.

In conclusion, Fort Myers is focused on public safety, workplaces, and memory care communities as part of a multifaceted approach to enhance safety. Through the installation of safety elements, provision of appropriate training, and participation in community projects, the city endeavors to establish a more secure environment for both its inhabitants and guests.


Although Florida has a lot to offer, it’s vital to understand the risks involved in visiting or residing in some places, like Fort Myers. People are more equipped to decide how safe they are and take the appropriate safety precautions when they are aware of the crime statistics, hazards from natural disasters, and concerns regarding pedestrian safety.

Even though these figures present a worrisome image, it is important to keep in mind that every city contains both safe and dangerous places. In order to make well-informed decisions about safety, it is advisable to conduct research on individual districts. Safety should always come first. We can reduce dangers and possibly even make our cities safer places to live by being alert and proactive.

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