Indiana Restaurant Serves The ‘Best Fried Chicken’ In The Entire State


The state of Indiana is renowned for its extensive culinary traditions, and among Hoosiers, fried chicken is without a doubt one of their favorite foods. Locating the best fried chicken in the state might be difficult because there are so many wonderful options.

However, Hollyhock Hill in Indianapolis comes out on top, according to the financial solutions website Cheapism. Let’s examine the reasons Hollyhock Hill is regarded as the greatest as well as some of Indiana’s other undiscovered beauties.

The Best Restaurant for Fried Chicken in Indiana: Hollyhock Hill

Fried chicken dinners have been served at Hollyhock Hill, a northside symbol and destination for special occasions, since 1928. Tucked situated in a residential area, the restaurant exudes a cozy, homey vibe that makes it the ideal spot for a hearty dinner.

In addition to salad, biscuits, mashed potatoes, green beans, and corn, Hollyhock Hill’s signature fried chicken is served family-style. For dessert, there’s a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Since the restaurant’s founding, their renowned fried chicken has been made using the same recipe, guaranteeing each and every customer a tasty and reliable meal.

Indiana s Best Hole-in-the-Wall for Fried Chicken: Wagner s Village Inn

For those who prefer a dine-in-the-wall experience, Wagner’s Village Inn in Oldenburg offers a unique experience, but Hollyhock Hill is a must-visit for aficionados of fried chicken. According to Cheapism, Wagner’s Village Inn is the greatest hidden gem for fried chicken in Indiana.

They serve their crispy, crumb-like fried chicken with large black pepper flecks alongside mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, coleslaw, and bread. The Village Inn’s remarkable quality and reputation were highlighted in a New York Times fried chicken piece published in 2019.

Other Notable Fried Chicken Spots in Indiana

There are a ton of other great fried chicken restaurants in Indiana, each with their own special take on this beloved cuisine. For example, Mississippi Belle in Indianapolis offers Southern-style fried chicken with a spicy spice, and Pa & Ma’s Backyard BBQ in Indianapolis is renowned for its luscious, juicy fried chicken with a crispy coating.

For those who want tasty chicken and homemade gravy, Shani’s Secret Chicken is a must-try. It operates as a culinary speakeasy out of a Chapati ghost kitchen.

How Has the Popularity of Fried Chicken in Indiana Changed Over Time

Over time, fried chicken’s appeal in Indiana has changed to correspond with shifts in eating habits and gastronomic tastes. A staple of Indiana’s culinary heritage, fried chicken has long been a popular meal there. But with time, people’s opinions and habits toward fried chicken have changed. Although fried chicken is still a mainstay of Indiana cuisine, there have been changes in its preparation, presentation, and perception over time.

1. Historical Significance: Since 1928, families have enjoyed classic fried chicken meals at Indianapolis’ Hollyhock Hill, one of the state’s favorite restaurants. This historical significance has added to the state’s fried chicken’s enduring appeal.

2. Innovations and Adaptations: With time, eateries like Oldenburg’s Wagner’s Village Inn have made changes to their fried chicken recipes that draw in both residents and visitors with their distinct flavor profiles and cooking techniques. Due to these changes, Indiana’s fried chicken scene has become more diverse and attractive to a wider range of palates.

3. Acclaim and Awards: Indiana’s standing as a destination for great fried chicken has grown as a result of eateries like Wagner’s Village Inn being recognized for providing award-winning fried chicken. Awards like the James Beard Award have increased the appeal of Indiana’s fried chicken products by drawing attention from throughout the country.

4. Changing Dining tastes: The way people enjoy fried chicken has changed along with the emergence of new cuisine trends and shifting consumer tastes. While classic family-style dining options like those at Hollyhock Hill are still well-liked, hidden gems like Wagner’s Village Inn that provide a special and cozy dining experience are also becoming more and more in demand.

5. Media Coverage and Exposure: The fried chicken scene in Indiana has gained more attention thanks to increased media coverage, including profiles in magazines like the New York Times, drawing both visitors and foodies to the state. The popularity of Indiana’s fried chicken products is rising as a result of this exposure.


Fried chicken options are abundant and varied in Indiana’s culinary landscape. The Hoosier State has something to offer everyone, from the classic family-style eating at Hollyhock Hill to the hidden gem status of Wagner’s Village Inn.

Indiana’s fried chicken restaurants are sure to sate your appetites, whether you prefer a more formal setting or a hole-in-the-wall experience. Thus, the next time you’re craving some delicious fried chicken, think about going to one of these top-rated Indiana eateries.

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