Ohio Eatery Named ‘Most Expensive Restaurant’ In The Entire State


Ohio, a budget-friendly state, astonishes us with a secret treasure tucked away in the center of Cleveland.The 623 Euclid Avenue restaurant Marble Room Steaks and Raw Bar has lately declared itself the most expensive restaurant in Ohio. Let’s explore the lavishness, the delicious food, and the fascinating historical setting that make this place absolutely remarkable.

The Setting: A Glimpse of Elegance

The setting of Marble Room exudes grandeur. Envision having dinner in the sacred corridors of a historic bank structure from the 19th century. A refined atmosphere is created by the original pressed ceiling and the arrangement of tables around marble columns. The atmosphere alone, which takes patrons back to a more refined time in the past, is worth the trip.

The Culinary Experience

1. Seafood Extravaganza

The menu of Marble Room offers a wide variety of delectable treats. A variety of fresh catches will satisfy the desires of seafood connoisseurs. A refuge for discriminating palates, the raw bar serves everything from exquisite caviar to luscious oysters.

2. Prime Steaks: A Cut Above

Marble Room has a selection of premium steaks for those who are carnivores and want the best. The menu offers options for every type of steak lover, from powerful ribeye to soft filet mignon. The range of prices for these options is $35 to $135.

3. Sushi Symphony

Happy birthday, sushi lovers! The sushi buffet at Marble Room is a symphony of tastes. Every mouthful is a harmonious fusion of flavors and textures, ranging from traditional rolls to creative innovations. Sushi is priced between $13 to $37.

4. Crafted Cocktails

Match your dinner with carefully made cocktails. The bar serves both traditional martinis and daring concoctions. Cocktails range in price from $13 to $20.

The Hefty Check: Is It Worth It?

The experience is best described by The lavish setting at Marble Room justifies the high bill for dinner. But what precisely is involved in that check?

  • Sushi: $13 to $37
  • Steaks: $35 to $135
  • Salads: $14 to $15
  • Cocktails: $13 to $20

And an ounce of caviar will cost you a cool $199 for the truly pampered. The primary deterrent? The price of the Miyazaki Wagyu Strip Loin is $144 for a minimum 4-ounce portion.

Historical Roots

The 20th U.S. President James A. Garfield, who was born in Ohio, had his sons construct the structure that now houses Marble Room in 1893. It was formerly a Cleveland bank branch of The National City Bank and is now a symbol of fine dining. While maintaining its architectural history, Millenia Companies converted it into 123 housing units and shop space in 2015. Marble Room Steaks and Raw Bar delights contemporary guests while honoring its history.


Marble Room Steaks and Raw Bar is an experience as much as a dining establishment. Every element of this opulent setting, including the finely prepared food, exudes luxury. When you’re ready to treat yourself, book a table, enjoy the cuisine, and raise a glass to Ohio’s most exclusive dining establishment.

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