Pennsylvania City Among ‘Most Dangerous’ in America, Says Report


For the purpose of public safety, it is imperative that citizens and legislators have a thorough grasp of the crime statistics in various cities. FBI statistics highlight Pennsylvania’s most dangerous cities and offer insightful information about the safety conditions in different areas. McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, one of these cities, is a community that has significant problems with its crime rate.

Crime Dimension Detail

Since violent crime directly affects people’s safety, it is given a higher ranking than other crimes. Violent crimes are defined by the FBI’s UCR Program as those that involve the use of force or the threat of using force. This definition covers all cases of murder and non-negligent manslaughter, as well as forced rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.

McKees Rocks, Pa, and Crime

McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania had a violent crime rate of 1,615 per 100,000 residents in 2022, according to the FBI’s UCR Program. With the exception of Chester, which had a violent crime rate of 2,201 per 100,000 population in 2022, this rate is more than double that of any other city and is almost 37% greater than that of Philadelphia, the next closest city.

In 2022, McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, had a murder rate of 67 per 100,000 population, which was higher than the rate in all the cities examined in the study.

Community and Law Enforcement Investment Detail

A city may choose to invest in its police force either as a matter of necessity or as a means of prevention; it may wish to buck the trend of rising crime rates if it currently has a low crime rate.

Of the ten most hazardous cities, McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania has the lowest police budget, at $177.12 per capita. Out of all the cities in the top 10, it also has the fewest officers per capita.

What Measures Are Being Taken to Reduce Crime in Mckees Rocks, Pa

Several strategies are being used in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, to lower crime:

1. Greater Police Presence: More full-time police officers have been employed by Stowe Township, and they are more noticeable in the neighborhood during busy times. They have put public surveillance cameras across the town to help with crime solving and have stationed at least one squad car at the high school every day to prevent conflicts[2].

2. Community Involvement: There is a strong community commitment to reducing violence. Citizens are collaborating to make the neighborhood safer, with public safety being the main goal. The community is working to create a location where families and kids can feel secure when strolling around the streets.[2].

3. unlawful Gun Confiscation: The McKees Rocks Police Department has started a campaign to remove unlawful firearms from public areas. By concentrating on the source of illicit firearms in the community, this project seeks to address the spike in violent crimes.

4. Use of Technology: To improve its ability to combat crime, the police department is looking at using facial recognition cameras in addition to standard security cameras. This technology is being tried to track suspects and send a strong message that crime will not be allowed, particularly in locations where drug-related activities are known to occur.

5. Blight Cleanup: Part of the plan to increase safety is addressing blight in the neighborhood. The community seeks to dissuade criminal activity related with neglected properties and to promote a safer environment by removing hazardous and abandoned houses.

In order to combat crime and improve safety in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, these combined efforts represent a multifaceted approach encompassing law enforcement, community participation, technology, and urban renewal.


In conclusion, FBI data indicates that McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, is among the state’s most dangerous cities. The city has a murder rate that is more than three times higher than the average for all the cities in the research, and its violent crime rate is much higher than both the state and federal averages.

Furthermore, out of all the communities in the top ten, McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania has the fewest policemen per capita and the lowest budget allocated to the police department. It is critical that locals and guests are aware of these figures and take the appropriate safety procedures to protect their own safety.

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