People Are Fleeing Florida. Here’s Where They’re Plotting to Move to.


Many Floridians are beginning to lose interest in Florida, which was previously a well-liked retirement and vacation spot for sun seekers. Google search data reviewed by SelfStorage indicates that there has been a spike in the number of persons in the state wanting to move out of the state. Although there are many other causes for this migration, some of the primary ones are:

Rising cost of living:

Florida is becoming less affordable for anyone on a fixed income or a tight budget due to the state’s recent steep increases in taxes, rent, and house prices. In just five years, the typical price of a single-family home in Florida increased by $150,000, or 60%. Major cities like Miami, Tampa, and Orlando have average rents that are higher than the national norm.

Extreme weather:

Hurricanes, floods, and heat waves are common in Florida and can result in serious harm to infrastructure and property as well as hazards to public health and safety. With over $112 billion in damage and over 150 fatalities, Hurricane Ian, which struck the state in 2022, was the most expensive hurricane in Florida’s history as well as the third most expensive in US history. The storm’s devastation and the dread of more disasters have forced many residents to relocate.

Political turmoil:

Governor Ron DeSantis has implemented a number of contentious legislation and policies in Florida that have drawn criticism and retaliation from a wide range of organizations and people. A few of these regulations limit access to gender-affirming healthcare, mandate that individuals use restrooms that correspond to the sex assigned at birth, prohibit vaccination passports, and restrict voting rights. Some state citizens feel uncomfortable, unwanted, or unhappy as a result of these laws.

Where are Floridians moving to?

Based on the data gathered from Google searches, the states that Floridians are most interested in relocating to are:

Texas: Compared to Florida, the Lone Star State has a similar climate, less taxes, and more job prospects. Texas boasts a lively and varied culture as well, drawing in a lot of young, creative people to its cities like Austin, Dallas, and Houston. Texas boasts a robust economy and a low cost of living, making it the second most populated state in the US behind California.

Arizona: For Floridians seeking a change of scenery, the Grand Canyon State offers another pleasant, sunny alternative. There is a lot of natural beauty in Arizona, including breathtaking scenery and outdoor pursuits. Like California, another state that many people are moving away from, Arizona likewise boasts a comparatively low cost of living. With a thriving tech industry and an aging population, Arizona is one of the states with the fastest rates of population growth in the nation.

Florida: It’s surprising to learn that some Floridians are choosing to relocate within the state rather than out of it completely. This internal migration can be attributed to a number of factors, including the desire to avoid crowded and congested urban areas, find better or cheaper housing, or relocate closer to family or friends. Among the well-liked travel locations in Florida are Pensacola, Sarasota, and Jacksonville.


A flood of people seeking to relocate out of Florida is being caused by a number of social, environmental, and economic concerns. Nonetheless, since some people are opting to remain or relocate within the state, the state is still appealing to some people. For those who enjoy its sunny and relaxed lifestyle, Florida has a lot to offer and continues to be one of the most diversified and populous states in the union. Whether people are moving to or from Florida, the state is going through a major transition that will affect it in the future.

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