Police Report That a Us Tourist Killed by a Shark While Paddle boarding in the Bahamas


Local authorities report that on Monday, while paddle boarding in the Bahamas, an American tourist was murdered by a shark.

At roughly 11:15 a.m., the Nassau police received a report of a woman who was on vacation from Boston, Massachusetts, and had been harmed by a shark. Her estimated age is forty years old.

Reporters were informed by police that the woman was bitten by a shark while paddle boarding with a male relative less than a mile off the western end of New Providence island, which is home to Nassau, the country’s capital.

After noticing what was happening, the on-duty lifeguard sent a rescue boat to fetch the victim and her relative, bringing them both to safety.

The female victim received CPR, but according to the police, she sustained major injuries to the right side of her body, especially to her upper hip and upper limb.

After arriving at the scene, emergency responders determined that the woman “showed no vital signs of life,” according to the police. She was paddle boarding with a relative, and she wasn’t hurt.

Police Sgt. Desiree Ferguson said, “We extend our heartfelt condolences…for this most unfortunate situation.”

The kind of the shark that attacked the woman was not immediately apparent. The victim’s identify has not been made public by the police.

There are very few fatal shark attacks—between five and six on average per year are reported globally, with the majority taking place in Australia. The International Shark Attack File reports that there were 57 unprovoked bites worldwide last year, with the bulk occurring in the United States.

According to the file, there have been at least 33 confirmed cases of unprovoked shark attacks in the Bahamas since 1580, placing the island seventh globally.

Authorities in the Bahamas are still looking for a German lady who vanished late last month after being attacked while diving, according to a story published in the Nassau Guardian newspaper.

A Pennsylvanian tourist on a U.S. cruise ship was murdered by a shark last year while she was snorkeling in the northern Bahamas, close to Green Cay.

Although a rare shark attack was reported in the French Caribbean province of St. Martin three years ago, the majority of shark attacks in the Caribbean take place in the Bahamas.

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