Texas Traffic Rule 2024 Update: Understanding the Right Turn on Red Rule


Even the most experienced drivers may find it difficult to navigate the constantly shifting field of traffic laws. The right turn on red law in Texas will see a significant alteration in 2024 that will impact how cars can turn right at a red signal. What you need to know about this regulation and how to abide by it lawfully and securely is provided here.

What is the right turn on red rule?

Drivers are permitted to turn right at a red light as long as they stop completely, yield to pedestrians and oncoming vehicles, and observe the right turn on red regulation. The goal of this regulation is to lessen congestion at crossings and enhance traffic flow. Drivers need to be aware of the exceptions and limitations to this rule, though.

When can you turn right on red in Texas?

The Texas Transportation Code states that unless there is a sign prohibiting it or a red arrow indicating otherwise, you are allowed to turn right on red in Texas. Before making a right turn on a red light, you must also stop and look for any oncoming traffic, bicycles, or pedestrians who may be crossing the street. Unless there are explicit signs banning so, you may make a right turn on red from both the left and right lanes of dual right turn lanes.

When can you not turn right on red in Texas?

In Texas, there are some circumstances in which it is not permitted to turn right on red, even in the absence of any signage or arrows prohibiting so. Among them are:

when the intersection has a red light camera installed. Any car that runs a red light or makes an unauthorized turn on red is intended to have its license plate captured by these cameras. At such an intersection, you can get a ticket and a fee in the mail if you turn right on red.

when a school bus is stopped, its stop arm out, and its red lights flashing. This indicates that kids are boarding and alighting from the bus, therefore you have to halt and wait until the vehicle moves again or switches off its lights and arm.

when a railroad crossing is located close to the intersection. Before you can take a turn, you must stop at the designated stop line or before the crossing and wait for the train to pass or the signals to stop.

when an emergency vehicle with lights and sirens on is approaching or going through the intersection, such as a fire truck, ambulance, police car, or other type of vehicle. The emergency vehicle must pass the intersection before you can move to the right edge of the road and halt.

What are the penalties for violating the right turn on red rule in Texas?

A driver will receive a penalty if they run a red light or turn on red when it’s against the law to do so. The conditions of the traffic stop, including the state in which they were issued it, will determine the fine. In Texas, there are fines ranging from $150 to $275 for running a stop sign or red light. Upon conviction, a driver’s license typically gains two demerit points, which, if collected, may result in increased insurance premiums or license suspension.

How to turn right on red safely and legally in Texas?

In order to legally and safely turn right on red in Texas, you should do the following:

  • Approach the intersection and slow down as you approach the red light.
  • Stop at the marked stop line or before the crosswalk or intersection, whichever comes first.
  • Look to your left and check for any oncoming traffic or pedestrians that have the green light or the walk signal. Also, look to your right and check for any pedestrians or bicyclists on the sidewalk or crosswalk.
  • If the coast is clear and there is no sign or arrow that prohibits it, make your right turn on red. Do not forget to use your turn signal and yield to any traffic or pedestrians that may appear while you are turning.
  • If there is a sign or arrow that forbids it, or if there is traffic or pedestrians that have the right of way, wait until the light turns green or the arrow changes to green before making your turn.


A popular and practical traffic regulation that permits cars to turn right at a red signal after stopping and yielding is known as the “right turn on red.” There are some limitations and exceptions to this law, nevertheless, which motorists must abide by. You can avoid fines and traffic infractions by being aware of Texas’s right-turn on red regulation and its changes in 2024. But more importantly, you can avoid road accidents and injuries.

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