The Most Creepiest Place in Virginia That Will Scare You at Night


In addition to mystery and terror, Virginia is a state rich in culture and history. Virginia is home to numerous locations that are rumored to be haunted by specters of the past or other evil things that lurk in the shadows. While some of these locations are well-known, others are undiscovered treasures that only the courageous dare to discover. This post will take you to some of the spookiest locations in Virginia that are sure to frighten you at night. Ready to confront your fears?

Braley Pond Campground

In the George Washington National Forest, Braley Pond Campground is a picturesque location for camping, fishing, hiking, and bicycling. However, this location has a dark side because it was the scene of a horrific 1986 murder. A bunch of Satanists abducted, tortured, and killed a young man named Raymond Wood; they disposed of his remains in the pond.

Some claim that even though his murderers were apprehended and found guilty, his ghost still prowls the campground, seeking retribution. Near the pond, campers have reported feeling a chilly presence, seeing apparitions, and hearing screaming. Some have even reported seeing the bloodied spirit of Wood emerge from the river.

Ferry Plantation House

The 17th-century Ferry Plantation House is a historic home located near Virginia Beach. It was constructed on the location of a historic ferry landing where, in 1810, eleven people perished when a ferry boat capsized. A woman who died giving birth, a man shot during a duel, and a slave who was hanged on the property are among the deaths that have occurred in the house.

The home is now a museum where guests can discover more about the 11 resident spirits and the history of the building. Here, there have been reports of footsteps, voices, opening and closing doors, moving objects, and cold spots, among other paranormal activities. The most well-known ghost is the Lady in White, who is thought to represent the afterlife of Grace Sherwood, a previous inhabitant who drowned in the neighboring river after being charged with witchcraft.

St. Albans Sanatorium

St. Albans Sanatorium, a former mental health facility in Radford, was formerly thought to be the most paranormal and dangerous location in Virginia. Initially established as a boys’ school in 1892, the facility quickly turned into a haven for abuse, bullying, and suicide. It was transformed into a mental asylum in 1916, where patients endured horrifying procedures like hydrotherapy, lobotomy, and electroshock therapy.

Numerous patients passed away or became insane, and a few never made it out of the hospital. Although the hospital closed in 2004, it is still accessible for investigations and visits. These reports of paranormal activity include whispers, cries, laughing, shadow figures, attacks, and apparitions. The electroshock room, the suicide bathroom, and the bowling alley are a few of the most haunted sites.

Hollywood Cemetery

Hollywood Cemetery is a stunning and historic cemetery located in Richmond, Virginia. It is the final resting place of numerous well-known individuals, including writers, governors, presidents, and generals. However, it is also a site of myths, hauntings, and folklore. The most well-known tale is that of the Richmond Vampire, a blood- and gore-covered monster who was spotted in 1925 rising from a collapsed tunnel.

The vampire made its way to the cemetery, where it took up residence in the affluent businessman W.W. Pool’s mausoleum. According to some, the vampire is still alive and just waiting for its next prey. The Iron Dog mythology concerns a cast-iron monument of a dog that stands watch over the grave of Florence Rees, a little girl. It is reported that the dog is affectionate with kids but aggressive against adults, particularly if they approach it. Additionally, the dog has been observed to roam the cemetery and occasionally vanish completely.

Glencoe Inn

The 1890-built Glencoe Inn in Portsmouth is a quaint and comfortable bed and breakfast that was originally intended to be a private home. A pleasant couple who own and run the inn greets visitors with cordial hospitality and delectable cuisine. However, the inn has a darker side as well because it is haunted by the spirits of two previous tenants who passed away horribly there.

Elizabeth, a young lady who was killed in the master bedroom by her husband, is the first spirit. Tommy, a young child who passed away in the attic from pneumonia, is the second ghost. Both visitors and employees have claimed to have seen their apparitions, heard their voices, and felt their touching. The Tommy Room and the Elizabeth Room are the most haunted since that’s where the ghosts are most active.


In addition to providing a wealth of tourist attractions and activities, Virginia is a terrifying and exhilarating place for anyone seeking a ghostly adventure. There are a ton of other spooky spots in Virginia that you can explore on your own; these are just a few of the most terrifying locations we have featured. Please use caution, and don’t claim that we didn’t warn you. Cheers to your haunting!

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