The Story Behind This Haunted Cemetery in Arkansas is Terrifying


There are many ghost stories in Arkansas, a state with a rich past. However, one cemetery in particular sticks out among the many haunted locations in the Natural State due to its eerie stories and paranormal activity. It’s the Avon Cemetery in De Queen, where local lore claims that a ghostly woman and child haunt the grounds.

The Tragic Tale of the Mother and Child

According to legend, the infant drowned after falling in the old well as the mom was sitting it on its edge to draw water. Even after her own death, the mother never left the cemetery because she was so distraught. She is still looking for her missing child, and occasionally guests hear her wailing or calling for her child.

There are many who claim that the baby’s ghost also roams the graveyard, in addition to the mother’s spirit. Some people assert that the well is supposedly cursed and that anyone gazing into it will see the face of the baby or hear its cries. Some people even think that odd lights and orbs may be seen surrounding the well, and that it is a portal to another dimension.

The Evidence of the Haunting

The mother and kid have reportedly been seen by many people at the Avon Cemetery, particularly at night or during full moons. Some claim to have witnessed the mother’s ghost sitting by the well or strolling among the graves while wearing a white robe. Some have experienced a cold touch or a light tug on their hair or clothing. There have been whispers, groans, and cries heard by some.

The cemetery is renowned for its inexplicable occurrences, which include moving items, flickering lights, and broken machinery. Some tourists think that toys, flowers, or money left by the mother or kid are offerings placed on the graves. Others have recorded strange sounds or visuals, including orbs, shadows, or voices, on their cameras or recorders.

The Conclusion

One of the most haunted cemetery in Arkansas, if not the entire nation, is the Avon Cemetery near De Queen. Numerous people have seen or felt the impact of the woman and child who perished there, and their tragic narrative has left a lasting mark on the location. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you might want to reconsider going to this cemetery by yourself or after dark. There’s no telling who or what you might run into.

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