The Story Behind This Haunted Cemetery in Oklahoma is Terrifying


Oklahoma, a state well-known for its rich history and culture, is home to some terrifying secrets, especially when it comes to its haunted cemeteries. One noteworthy location is the Jesse Creek Cemetery in Bartlesville, where numerous visitors have claimed paranormal activity and strange happenings.

However, there are more spooky cemeteries in the state besides Jesse Creek Cemetery. There are other cemeteries with eerie tales of ghosts, spirits, and secrets of their own. This article will examine some of Oklahoma’s most haunted cemeteries and the horrifying legends surrounding them.

Jesse Creek Cemetery: A Hub of Paranormal Activity

Jesse Creek Cemetery, which is located in south Bartlesville, has been the focus of several paranormal reports. People who live nearby tell tales of cameras breaking down while they are inside the cemetery’s confines but working fine when they are outside. Many have been perplexed by this strange phenomenon, which adds to the spooky atmosphere of the place.

In addition, several visitors claim to have heard eerie sounds vibrating throughout the cemetery, including cries and chuckles. The cemetery’s reputation as a haunted place is enhanced by these mysterious sounds, which evoke a sense of anxiety.

Some people think that the soul of a young child who perished in the nearby Washita River is the cause of these noises. Her remains were discovered in the graveyard two miles from her house. She now roams the grounds in search of something that she will never discover.

A man wearing a top hat and a dark trench coat is another apparition that has been spotted in the cemetery. He is rumored to be the former cemetery caretaker who continues to watch over his family’s final resting place. Occasionally, he holds a knife in his hand and leans against a tree while waving to the guests.

Fort Reno Cemetery: A Haunted Military Site

Another spooky place in Oklahoma is Fort Reno Cemetery, which is situated in El Reno. The cemetery, which dates back to 1874, was built on the site of a previous military camp and has a rich history including battles, prisoners, and soldiers.

There have been reports of ghostly sounds coming from troops and seeing people in uniform. Some of these individuals are believed to be the ghosts of the African American soldiers known as the Buffalo Soldiers who were stationed at the camp. The spirits of German and Italian POWs who perished at the camp during World War II are thought to be with the others.

Aunt Jane is one of the most well-known spirits in the cemetery; she was decapitated by robbers who intended to steal from her. She and her blacksmith husband resided in the camp. The criminals killed her and left her body in the camp when she wouldn’t give up her money. She wanders the graveyard looking for her head, which was never recovered.

Other Paranormal Cemeteries in Oklahoma

There are other haunting cemeteries in Oklahoma besides the undoubtedly creepy Jesse Creek and Fort Reno. There are numerous additional cemeteries throughout the state that are well-known for experiencing ghostly activity. Here are a few of them:

The Haunted Tales tour is held in Enid Cemetery, which is renowned for having ghosts that prowl the grounds and startle guests after dark.

A young man dressed in black is said to emerge at Blanchard Cemetery and turn down the lights. He has also been known to snarl in order to frighten off guests.

The ghost of Katherine Cross, a young woman killed by a troop of human wolves, haunts Cross Cemetery. She sometimes takes the form of a wolf-like monster and lets forth snarling noises.


Oklahoma’s haunted cemeteries, such as Jesse Creek Cemetery, are eerie relics of the state’s past. These graveyards never cease to enthrall and frighten guests with their enigmatic incidents and unexplainable events. These cemeteries offer a glimpse into the unknown, catering to both thrill-seekers and those with a strong interest in the paranormal. They are therefore must-visits for anyone looking for an absolutely spine-tingling encounter.

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