The Story Behind This Haunted Cemetery in Oregon is Terrifying


In addition to having a rich and varied past, Oregon has a wicked and dark underbelly. One haunting location in Oregon that sticks out as very spooky is the Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery. Situated in the little town of Lafayette, this cemetery is rumored to have been cursed by a witch who was hanged there in the late 1800s out of retaliation. This is the history of this supposedly haunted cemetery and the reason you should never visit.

The Hanging of the Witch

Legend has it that a woman who lost her life after being accused of witchcraft haunts the Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery. She seemed to be upset about this and lingered to haunt Lafayette residents as well as the cemetery. Although the witch portion of the equation has since been refuted, the explanation remains just as graphic.

In 1887, Richard Marple, an ax murderer convicted of the crime, was hanged close to the jail. Anna Marple, his daughter, was also given the death penalty after being charged with being a witch and his collaborator. She managed to get out of jail, nevertheless, and make her way to the cemetery, where she was apprehended and hanged from a tree. She supposedly cursed the town and the cemetery before she passed away, predicting that they would burn down three times.

The Curse of the Cemetery

Whether or not Anna Marple was a witch, her curse appears to have been fulfilled. Since her hanging, Lafayette has burned down three times, the most recent being in 1946. Over the years, erosion, negligence, and vandalism have also affected the cemetery itself. A large number of the burials are missing, broken, or unmarked.

The only marked burial that still exists belongs to Ah Lee, a Chinese immigrant who passed away in 1883. The cemetery is currently fenced in with a chain-link perimeter and closed to the public. That hasn’t stopped trespassers and ghost seekers from seeing paranormal activity, though.

The Haunting of the Cemetery

One of the most well-known haunted cemetery in Oregon is Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery, which attracts a lot of ghost hunters. A wide range of unexplained experiences are reported by visitors to this cemetery, including hearing voices, screams, laughing, and footsteps; seeing apparitions, mists, orbs, and touches; feeling cold spots, scratches, and touches; and smelling decay, sulfur, and rotten eggs.

The two most frequent sightings are of a guy in a black suit, thought to be Richard Marple, and a woman dressed in white, thought to be Anna Marple. They are reported to prowl the cemetery, particularly the area around the tree from which they were hung, and occasionally drive away trespassers. It has also been said that children, Native Americans, Chinese laborers, and pioneers are among the other spirits.

The Conclusion

The dead don’t lay in peace at the Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery; it’s a scary and mysterious place. Both the history of this haunted cemetery and the experiences of those brave enough to enter it are horrifying. You could be tempted to visit this cemetery if you’re searching for excitement, but be careful—you might find more than you expected.

It is forbidden to enter the cemetery and is closed to the general public. Additionally, you risk upsetting the local ghosts, particularly the spiteful witch who cursed the area. Respecting the deceased and avoiding this haunting cemetery is the better course of action. If you annoy them, you never know what might happen.

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