This City in Utah State Takes the Crown for Most Violent


With a crime rate much greater than other communities in the area, Tooele, Utah has been named the most violent city in the state. The crime statistics in Tooele, Utah, will be examined in this article along with comparisons to other communities in the state and worldwide.

Crime Rates in Tooele, Utah

Tooele has a crime rate of 5,126 per 100,000 residents, which is much higher than the state average of 2,989 per 100,000 residents, according to the most recent data from the Utah Department of Public Safety. This indicates that compared to people living in other Utah cities, Tooele inhabitants have a higher likelihood of becoming victims of crime.

Tooele has the highest rate of crime in the state when compared to other cities. For instance, Provo has a 1,812 crime rate per 100,000 population, compared to Salt Lake City’s 2,883 per 100,000. Accordingly, the likelihood of becoming a victim of crime is more than twice as high in Tooele as it is in Salt Lake City and nearly three times higher in Provo.

In contrast to other cities globally, Tooele still has a comparatively high crime rate. In contrast to Tooele, Tokyo, Japan has a much lower crime rate—just 15.41 per 100,000 residents—than does Tooele. Accordingly, people living in Tokyo have a far lower chance of being victims of crime than people living in Tooele.

What is the Crime Rate Trend in Tooele Over the Past Few Years

Over the previous few years, Tooele, Utah’s crime rate pattern has been erratic. Macrotrends data indicates that Tooele’s crime rate in 2018 was 296.59 per 100,000 people, a decrease of 8.85% from 2017. But in recent years, Tooele’s crime rate has been rising. For instance, the Utah Department of Public Safety reports that over the previous three years, Tooele’s crime rate rose by 45.66%.

In recent years, Tooele has seen a decline in the rate of violent crime. Based on information from, Tooele’s 2013 violent crime rate was 150.4, which was less than the country’s average of 214.3. Since then, nevertheless, Tooele’s violent crime rate has been declining, with rates of 147.4 in 2011, 134.5 in 2010, and 120.0 in 2014.

Over the previous few years, Tooele has had fluctuations in its property crime rate. Based on information from, Tooele’s 2013 property crime rate was 355.3, more above the national average of 250.4. Since then, nevertheless, Tooele’s property crime rate has been declining; in 2020, it was 1806, which is similar to the national average.

Crime Trends in Tooele, Utah

In Tooele, the crime rate has been rising recently. The Utah Department of Public Safety reports that throughout the previous three years, Tooele’s crime rate has climbed by 45.66%. This is a notable spike, indicating that Tooele’s crime rate will probably keep rising in the future.

Contributors to Crime in Tooele, Utah

The high crime rate in Tooele is caused by a number of causes. The location of the city is one of the primary variables. Due to its proximity to the Nevada border, Tooele is a well-liked hangout for lawbreakers from surrounding states. In addition, the population of the city has been expanding quickly in recent years, which has raised the crime rate.


In summary, compared to other cities in the area, Tooele, Utah has the highest crime rate in the state. In Tooele, there has been an increase in crime in recent years, and this trend is probably going to continue. Even while Tooele has a high crime rate, it is still lower than that of many other cities worldwide. To protect themselves and their belongings, Tooele people should be informed of the high crime rate in their community.

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