This City of Arizona Can Be Very Dangerous for You to Live In


Arizona is a state renowned for its dynamic cities and stunning scenery. But not every Arizonan city offers a safe environment for its citizens. Tolleson is a small city west of Phoenix that is one example of such a city. Tolleson is one of the riskiest communities in Arizona to live in due to a sharp rise in crime rates in recent years.

Violent Crime Rates

Tolleson has a violent crime rate of 1,137.6 per 100,000 persons, more than double the national average of 394.5, according to the most recent FBI crime report. This indicates that compared to people living in neighboring Arizonan communities, residents of Tolleson have a higher likelihood of experiencing violent crimes including rape, robbery, and assault.

Property Crime Rates

Tolleson has a high property crime rate of 5,183.1 per 100,000 residents, which is far higher than the national average of 2,110.5, in addition to violent crimes. Theft of motor vehicles, larceny, and burglary are examples of property crimes. This indicates that compared to residents of other Arizonan localities, people of Tolleson have a higher likelihood of having their homes, vehicles, and personal things stolen.

Reasons for High Crime Rates

The high crime rate in Tolleson can be attributed to a number of factors. The city’s closeness to Phoenix, which draws a lot of vagrants and criminal activities, is one factor. Tolleson also has a high percentage of poverty, which can fuel crime because people may turn to illicit means of obtaining money.

The dearth of resources for law enforcement in the city is another factor contributing to Tolleson’s high crime rates. It is challenging for the Tolleson Police Department to effectively battle crime in the city due to a lack of funding and manpower.

What Measures Are Being Taken to Improve Safety in Tolleson, Arizona

Tolleson, Arizona is implementing a number of efforts to increase safety:

1. Comprehensive Safety Action Plan (CSAP): To prioritize safety enhancements and support investment choices made by local governments, the City of Tolleson is creating a CSAP. By minimizing and eliminating major injuries and fatalities by the use of cutting-edge technologies, community involvement, and thorough collision analysis, this plan seeks to greatly increase road safety.

2. Safety Analysis: To provide a baseline level of crashes involving fatalities and serious injuries throughout Tolleson, a safety analysis is being carried out to look at current safety conditions and historical patterns. In order to improve safety throughout the city, this analysis will concentrate on creating recommendations for both motorized and non-motorized forms of transportation.

3. AI Technology for School Safety: In an effort to improve school safety, the Tolleson Union High School District is investigating the application of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. AI programs can help with scheduling, keep an eye on campus facilities, and offer round-the-clock security to stop fights and other mischief. By adding an extra pair of eyes, technology helps to guarantee staff and student safety.

4. Community Engagement: Through programs like If You See Something, Say Something, the City of Tolleson is proactively interacting with the community. This encourages locals to notify the Tolleson Police Department as soon as they notice any suspicious activity, unlawful activity, or dangerous circumstances. The city hopes to maintain peace and quiet in the community by promoting cooperation and encouraging reporting.

By tackling several issues including school security, community participation, safety analysis, and roadway safety, these approaches work together to improve safety in Tolleson.


Because of its high crime rate, Tolleson, Arizona, has become a more dangerous place to live for its citizens. Tolleson inhabitants are more likely to experience crime than those living in other Arizonan cities, with a violent crime rate that is twice as high as the state average and a property crime rate that is much higher than the state average.

Tolleson needs to make investments in its police force and deal with the underlying causes of crime, like deprivation and ignorance, in order to tackle this problem. Tolleson can lower its crime rate and make its community a safer place for its citizens by implementing these measures.

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