This Ohio County is Suddenly the 2nd Most Dangerous in the State.


Ohio, a state renowned for its vibrant cities, gorgeous scenery, and extensive history, has been dealing with a worrying trend lately. The number of dangerous cities and counties in the state has significantly increased as a result of rising crime rates in a number of those towns and counties.

Franklin County is one such county that has unexpectedly risen to the rank of Ohio’s second most dangerous. This article will examine the causes of the recent rise in crime rates as well as the effects they will have on Franklin County inhabitants.

The Rise of Franklin County as the Second Most Dangerous County in Ohio

With 900 violent crimes per 100,000 residents, Franklin County is Ohio’s second most dangerous county, according to the most recent statistics. Based on the number of violent crimes recorded in the county—expressed as 900 events per 100,000 people—this ranking is determined.

This indicates that there were 900 recorded instances of violent crimes for every 100,000 residents in Franklin County. In terms of public safety, this data indicates that Franklin County had a greater rate of violent crime than the majority of other Ohio counties.

What is the Crime Rate Trend in Franklin County Over the Past 5 Years

Over the previous five years, there have been variations in Franklin County’s crime rate pattern. The total index crime rate has increased by 9% from five years ago, despite a 24.1% decrease from a decade ago. According to the Franklin County Chiefs Association, violent crime in the suburbs has increased by 33%.

In particular, there was a 36% rise in aggravated assaults, a 47% increase in robberies, a 33% increase in manslaughter, a 13% increase in rapes, and a 6% increase in murders. This points to a worrying pattern of violent crimes in Franklin County increasing.

It is noteworthy, therefore, that Franklin County, Tennessee, has a lower violent crime rate than the US as a whole. The FBI tracks all crimes, including violent ones, and publishes a yearly report that gives a thorough picture of the county’s crime patterns.

In conclusion, Franklin County’s total index crime rate has decreased during the last ten years, however during the last five years, violent crimes have significantly increased. This pattern emphasizes how critical it is to deal with the underlying causes of criminal behavior and put into practice practical solutions to raise countywide public safety.

Factors Contributing to the Surge in Crime Rates

The rise in crime rates in Franklin County can be attributed to a number of things. The socioeconomic state of the county is one of the main contributing elements. A University of Miami and University of Colorado Denver study found that socioeconomic factors including unemployment, income disparity, and poverty can have a big impact on crime rates.

Compared to other Ohio counties, Franklin County has a higher poverty rate, which has raised the county’s crime rate. The availability of firearms is another factor contributing to the rise in crime rates in Franklin County.

Ohio’s gun regulations, according to a research by the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, make it simple for anybody to obtain firearms, which has increased the number of violent crimes, including killings. In order to lower the amount of violent crimes in the area, the research also emphasizes the necessity for tougher gun regulations.

The Impact of the Surge in Crime Rates

The citizens of Franklin County have been greatly impacted by the spike in crime rates. It is becoming more difficult for locals to feel safe in their own neighborhoods as a result of the rise in violent crimes and the resulting decline in public safety. The local economy has suffered as a result of the spike in crime rates, with companies finding it difficult to draw in and keep clients.


In order to combat the alarming increase in crime rates in Franklin County, collaboration between law enforcement, politicians, and community people is imperative. It is feasible to create focused methods to lower crime and enhance public safety by comprehending the elements causing the spike in crime rates.

The main objectives of these tactics ought to be community involvement, prevention, and dealing with the underlying reasons of criminal behavior. It is feasible to make Franklin County’s neighborhoods safer and raise everyone’s standard of living by cooperating.

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