This Texas Small Pizza Shop Has Been Named the Best Pizza Shop


Pizza is without a doubt one of the most beloved foods in the world, with a wide range of variations enjoyed by individuals whose preferences are as diverse as the pizza itself. Pizza accommodates a diverse range of tastes, including thick and cheesy varieties, exotic garnishes, and classic simplicity. However, among enthusiasts of PBS, one pizza establishment in the Lone Star State of Texas emerges as a favorite, garnering the designation of the preeminent pizza joint: Via 313.

Define “Via 313”

Via 313 establishes itself as a sanctuary for Detroit-style pizza, an exclusive variety originating from the Motor City that is distinguished by its unique attributes. Produced in a rectangular steel pan, this delectable pie develops a crust that is thick, airy, and deliciously crisp. Significantly, the cheese is copiously distributed to the periphery, culminating in a palatable border of caramelized cheese that contributes an additional stratum of taste and consistency.

In an unorthodox manner, the tomato sauce is generously drizzled on top of the cheese, as opposed to being applied underneath it. This variation is known for its robust and acidic flavor. In addition to the conventional sausage and pepperoni, Via 313 offers more audacious toppings including smoked prosciutto, pineapple, and jalapeños.

Via 313 was established in 2011 as the collaborative effort of Brandon and Zane Hunt, two siblings. Natives of Detroit, they discovered themselves in Austin with an intense longing for the flavor of the pizza that made them feel at home. Their gastronomic expedition commenced with a modest food trailer that was strategically located in a parking lot.

Rapidly, they garnered a loyal clientele comprised of individuals who were unable to resist their genuine, palatable pizza. At present, Via 313 operates sixteen food trailers and two permanent restaurants across four locations in Austin. In addition to these operations, they also provide catering services and manage a retail store.

Why Is Via 313 the Finest Pizza Shop in Texas?

Via 313 has been crowned the preeminent pizza establishment in Texas, as determined by the ballots of PBS enthusiasts who nominated and cast their preferences for their preferred pizza establishments throughout the state. According to the official website of PBS, Via 313 emerged victorious by a substantial margin, surpassing countless pizza establishments located throughout Texas. The pizzeria received acclaim for its steadfast dedication to excellence, flawless flavor, and superior customer service. Responses from respondents consist of:

  • “Via 313 offers the most delectable pizza of my life.” The sauce is a harmonious delight, the crust is a work of art, and the cheese is opulently creamy. “Individual favorites’ includes ‘The Detroiter,’ which showcases two distinct varieties of pepperoni accompanied by a delicate drizzle of honey; each bite is a flavor explosion.”
  • “As an individual originally from Detroit, I can attest that Via 313 is authentic. With each delectable mouthful, they skillfully recreate the pizza experience from their native Michigan, transporting you to the state. Each visit is greeted with a cordial and friendly reception from the proprietors, who transform it into a homecoming atmosphere.
  • Via 313 is more than a mere pizza establishment; it fosters a strong sense of community. They demonstrate a strong commitment to supporting local businesses, charitable causes, and events, and they provide a family-like experience for their patrons. Undoubtedly, the pizza selection is remarkable, and it has something for every palate. “A personal favorite is ‘The Cadillac,’ which is a masterpiece composed of prosciutto, gorgonzola, and balsamic glaze.”

In conclusion

Those seeking the highest quality pizza in Texas should not fail to stop by Via 313. This esteemed pizzeria has captivated innumerable individuals, including PBS aficionados, with its cuisine and flavor. Via 313 provides supreme Detroit-style pizza or simply pizza enthusiasts seeking a slice that exudes passion and excellence.

Their website provides users with the ability to peruse their menu, locate their diverse establishments, and even make orders or reservations. Additionally, by subscribing to their Facebook and Instagram pages, you can be informed of their most recent promotions and news. It can be guaranteed that an excursion to Via 313 will provide an unforgettable gastronomic encounter, establishing its standing as the foremost pizza destination in Texas and conceivably among the finest globally.

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