This Town in Georgia State Takes the Crown for Most Violent


Georgia is a historically and culturally rich state with stunning scenery. However, there is also a fair amount of violence and crime, particularly in some of the towns and cities. The most dangerous town in Georgia, according to the most recent FBI crime statistics, is Eastman, a tiny town in Dodge County with 5,000 residents.

What makes Eastman so violent?

The violent crime rate in Eastman is 916 per 100,000 people, more than four times higher than the 367 national average. Murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault are examples of violent crimes. Additionally, Eastman has a high property crime rate—3,925 per 100,000 people—nearly three times higher than the 2,110 average for the country. Theft of motor vehicles, larceny, and burglary are examples of property crimes.

Although the exact causes of Eastman’s high crime rates are unknown, gang involvement, drug misuse, unemployment, and poverty are among potential contributing factors. Eastman’s poverty rate, at 32.4%, is more than double the state average of 14.3%, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Eastman’s unemployment rate is 6.7%, more than the 4.5% state average. Eastman is located in Dodge County, which has a higher drug overdose death rate per 100,000 residents (18.9 against 15.8) than the state average. Eastman has a history of gang violence as well, having been involved in multiple shootings and homicides recently involving gang members.

How is Eastman dealing with the violence?

Authorities and locals in Eastman are working to stop the violence and enhance the town’s safety and standard of living. In an effort to deter and solve crimes, the Eastman Police Department has stepped up patrols, investigations, and community outreach programs. Along with targeting and apprehending violent offenders and drug dealers, the police department collaborates with various regional, state, and federal organizations.

In addition, the town supports vulnerable groups, the elderly, and young people through a number of initiatives and programs. For instance, the Back to School Bash is an annual event hosted by the Eastman-Dodge County Chamber of Commerce that offers free school supplies, health exams, and entertainment to children and their families. For low-income citizens, the Eastman Housing Authority provides social services, inexpensive housing, and educational opportunities. The public has free access to computers, books, and other resources at the Eastman-Dodge County Library.


The town of Eastman deals with a lot of issues, including crime and violence. It is a town with many advantages, nevertheless, including its history, culture, and scenic surroundings. Authorities and citizens in Eastman are putting a lot of effort into making the town a better and safer place to visit, live, and work. While Eastman might be the most violent town in Georgia, it’s far from defenseless or hopeless. This community possesses the ability and determination to overcome its obstacles and realize its objectives.

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