This Town in Oregon State Takes the Crown for Most Violent


Despite its reputation for stunning scenery and energetic neighborhoods, Oregon has certain locations with alarmingly high rates of crime. One town in Oregon stands out from the others due to its reputation as the most dangerous: Ontario. This city has the regrettable distinction of being the most deadly in Oregon. It is situated in Malheur County near the Idaho border. With 11,645 residents, Ontario has a total crime rate that is 175% higher than the national average. Violent and property crime are also prevalent.

The Landscape of Crime in Oregon

Despite having beautiful scenery and a relatively safe atmosphere, several Oregonian communities and towns experience high rates of crime. Portland, the largest city in the state, is a major tourist destination and economic center, but it also has serious crime problems. With 652,503 residents, Portland has a total crime rate that is 168% higher than the national average. Homelessness, property crimes, and drug-related difficulties are some of the reasons for this.

Unveiling Crime Patterns

In addition to Ontario and Portland, other Oregon communities that have been ranked among the most dangerous include Roseburg, Coos Bay, Warrenton, Eugene, Salem, Klamath Falls, Astoria, and Woodburn. These neighborhoods have varied degrees of crime, and their reputation as difficult places to live as a result of things like drug addiction, poverty, violent occurrences, and theft of property.

what are the most common types of violent crimes in oregon

The following categories of violent crimes are most prevalent in Oregon:

Aggravated Assault: One of the most prevalent serious violent offenses in Oregon, aggravated assault makes up approximately 9% of all crime reports.

After aggravated assault, robbery is the second most frequent violent offense in Oregon. Additionally, it is among the most violent crimes perpetrated in the country.

Rape: As a violent crime, rape is a serious issue in Oregon and plays a part in the state’s overall criminal activity.

These kinds of violent crimes have a significant negative influence on public safety and wellbeing, thus law enforcement organizations and legislators must pay close attention to them in order to properly address and prevent similar instances.


Although there are both safe havens and locations with increased crime risks in Oregon, it is nevertheless important for both locals and visitors to be aware of their surroundings and take the appropriate safety precautions. Making educated judgments about where to live or visit in the state can be facilitated by having a thorough understanding of the dynamics of crime in various regions. There is no denying Oregon’s beauty, but like any region, it has complexity that need be taken into account while thinking about security and safety.

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