Two Strange Haunted Roads In North Carolina Where Gravity Doesn’t Exist


Ever pondered what it might be like to experience gravity in reverse and disobey the laws of physics? Fortunately, finding out doesn’t require going to space or a parallel realm. Water flows backwards and cars roll uphill on two roadways in North Carolina, according to a mystery phenomena. Ghosts, spirits, and other paranormal beings are rumored to haunt these roadways. Do they exist or are they just tricks of the eye? Let’s investigate.

The Mystery Hill Road

The community of Blowing Rock, which is situated in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, is home to the first road. It’s a component of Mystery Hill, a tourist destination including a gravity vortex, a hall of illusions, and a museum. The road itself is a little paved section that seems to be going uphill but actually falls downward. Your automobile will begin to roll up the slope if you park it at the bottom of the road and shift it into neutral. Pouring water on the road or setting a ball on the ground have the same effect. This road gives the impression that gravity is inverted, but how is that possible?

One explanation is that the surrounding scenery gives the impression of a distorted perspective, even if the road is genuinely level. Our eyes are tricked into believing that the road is uphill while in reality it is not because of the way the houses, hills, and trees are angled. There are numerous instances of what is called a “gravity hill” all across the world. Some others, nevertheless, think that the Mystery Hill Road is more than just a trick of the eye. The route is said to be haunted by the spirit of a Native American chief who was murdered in a land dispute by a white man. It is supposed that the chief’s spirit, in a fit of wrath, pushes the cars up the hill.

The Devil s Tramping Ground Road

The second route leads through the rural village of Bear Creek in Chatham County, North Carolina. In the heart of the woods, there’s a circular area of bare dirt known as the Devil’s Tramping Ground, close by. Legend has it that this is where the devil emerges at night to plan his evil schemes, dance, and tramp. This is not a place for growth, and anything left here over night will be moved or discarded first thing in the morning. There are additional reports of unusual and eerie properties along the route that leads to the Devil’s Tramping Ground. Driving on this road at night may result in strange noises, lights that don’t seem to belong, and ghostly apparitions. On this road, you might also notice that your automobile acts strangely, as if gravity isn’t operating properly.

When you put your car in neutral, it will roll uphill, much like on Mystery Hill Road. This is one example of this. Another illustration would be if you were to press the brake or gas pedals and your car would start or stop on its own. On this road, some people have reported that the headlights on their cars have flickered or that their engines have quit. Some have even gone so far as to say they have felt the devil’s presence inside their car or have seen him himself on this road. Is there a natural explanation for these happenings, or is this road truly cursed by the devil?

One theory is that magnetic fields on the road cause interference with the electrical system of the car and provide the impression that gravity is being reversed. An other hypothesis is that the road is a gravity hill as well, and the topography around it gives the impression that it is uphill and downward. These ideas, however, fall short of explaining the other paranormal experiences—such as seeing ghosts, hearing voices, and getting chills—that people have claimed when traveling down this road. These encounters could be the product of something genuinely supernatural, or they could be the consequence of psychological elements like fear, suggestion, and imagination.


Two North Carolina roads that make claims of having haunted and gravity-defying properties are Mystery Hill Road and Devil’s Tramping Ground Road. They are undoubtedly unique and exciting locations to see, whether or not they are real. You might wish to investigate these routes and see for yourself what they have to offer if you’re searching for excitement, a challenge, or a mystery. Just use caution and avoid allowing the devil to capture you.

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